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About Us
Hi there! You won't believe how happy & excited we are to see you here!
We are here to save your valuable time that you had to waste earlier on searching for appropriate tools to grow your business. We are here to save your money that you could have lost earlier using an ineffective business tool.
We want you to be able to concentrate on your favorite professional activities, rather than juggling with technology.
Who We Are >>
I'm Abhishek @curatorabhishek, founder of @resourcestacks.
I started this site out of a frustration. I had to spend too much time on Google searching for tutorials, discussions, issues around specific tools. Also I lacked knowledge of newly launched tools which can supercharge my day to day work.
In month December 2015, I met sourav (@souravghosh) in our home place midnapur. We discussed for hours about what we are lacking as a entrepreneur and how can this be fixed. At the end of the meeting we both saw each other searching for same resource over internet, a guide for a digital tool.
Then idea of resourcestacks born. We build up a MVP (currently what you're see'ing) and that's it we're live from May 11 2016.
Currently we're aggregating content around the internet for a specific tool. Our current content layer is like below
* Description of the tool
* Features of the tool
* Pricing of the tool
* Discussions about this tool if available
* Video/s about this tool
The interesting part, there is no automation. This is pure hard work and dedication to help others so that you would not end up wasting valuable time.
If you think you can join us to create a difference, say "hello" to @resourcestacks.
We are also social. We are in twitter, facebook and google plus.